Badminton in the garden, Badminton Practice

Garden badminton practice


Badminton is a very popular game in recent times so there are lots of people who are inclined towards setting up badminton courts in their garden. But there are lots of things to consider before you set your badminton court and start your Garden badminton practice.

Things to recall

Choose where to make your badminton court. If you have a little lawn, you don’t have numerous choices with the exception of placing it in the center. Yet, if you have greater space, you can put your badminton court anyplace. Here are a few hints for any place you pick:

  • If you are on the grass, cut the yard. It’s simpler to play on short grass than higher grass. Try not to cut it excessively short, however, make sure that it can even be played on.
  • If you are on rubble, sand or soil, ensure there aren’t such a large number of rocks to venture on or anything. You would prefer not to jump the entire time.
  • If you are on concrete or hard ground, ensure that you are in a spot where it won’t get excessively hot from the sun.

Know whether it’s proper to put there

If it is directed by the neighbour’s home, there is a high shot of the shuttlecock going over the fence. If there is a wilderness exercise center in the manner, it most likely would bode well not to put it there before starting Garden badminton practice.

  • Some things can simply be moved off the beaten path. If there is a doghouse, for instance, you may probably simply hurry it off the beaten path.
  • If you want to play around the snags, you can unquestionably do that.

Setting up the net

Purchase a net from the store and read the headings on setting it up. Get a decent one that can withstand the downpour and is sufficiently able to remain.

Stand up one side of the net upon a post and utilise two strings (with a snare at the base) to hold it down. Do likewise to the opposite side, and this is the standard method for setting it up. Peruse the directions if you are as yet befuddled.

Make the line in the middle of the cases

At the point when the shuttlecock is served, it must go past a specific line so as to check. Around part of the way through the width of the court, make a line that will demonstrate where the birdie needs to pass. At that point, confronting the badminton net, make a different line part of the way through the court with the goal that it would seem that a monster matrix.

This second line demonstrates the main player’s side of the court and the second player’s side of the court. Garden badminton practice has always been a popular option for many and with this, you also can have the same fun.

Make sure that you look into the given points properly so that you can have a proper idea about the different steps that are involved in setting your badminton court in the garden.